Thursday, June 7, 2012

CUP Area

A word CUP isn't related to any sport at all, but it stands for Centrinė Universalinė Parduotuvė (Central Department Store).
This shopping mall and Hotel Radisson Blu Lietuva (tall building on the right side) were built in 1970s as the beginning of Vilnius city expansion to the Neris river right coast.
Thanks to Justas for providing this great photo :)

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  1. Nice picture. :)
    Sad thing about this VCUP is that it has been built on a place of a former jewish synagogue and former quarter of Šnipiškės, historical suburb of Vilnius, that was being formed during 17-19 c. In the 1960s this all was destryed and this complex of the soviet buildings with quite nice inner yeards and CUP was built. :)
    There is a story, that in the 70s some americans wanted to build another, higher, 30-storey skyscraper near the hotel "Lietuva", but the architects of the hotel were jealous, so they were against it, protested and american project was rejected :D