Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Tauro Gatve in snow always reminds me a twisting racing track called Alps from the famous game Need For Speed Porsche Unleashed.


  1. There is "Tuputiškių serpantinas" near Pavilnys district. It is the only serpentine in Lituania and may be the only in the Baltics, but not sure. :)
    Also, if You have car, try to ride Šilo street. It feels like some Slovakia road, meandering to 80 degrees every 5 meters surrounded by 40-60 meter high hills. :))

    Also You could try Želvos street; Dzūkų street dead end to the south-east of the 9 storey buildings or Saulės street, etc. E.g. Želvos street slope is only some 200m long, but it takes 7 minutes to go up the street. I wonder how people who live there ride that hill in winter :) Not suggesting to ride the bike there as it is too dangerous in those mountains because of those slopes and turnings.